NewsBTC has a dynamic team of expert writers, entrepreneurs, traders, analysts, developers and marketing resources who ensure quality across each step.

Some of the leading members behind NewsBTC include:

wdt_ID Profile Image Description
1 Samuel Lei - writer : Samuel is a currency trader, author and contributor to many publications in major foreign exchange markets such as Futures magazine, FX trader magazine and Spreadbet magazine. He cryptocurrencies are enthusiasts of real interest and enthusiastic bit coins in a way that could affect the global economy in the future.
2 Aayush - writer : Aayush has spent seven years as a financial market contributor and observer. He comes with an IT background that specializes in market strategy and technical analysis. He has strong technical analytical skills and is well known for his interesting and informative analysis of currencies and commodity markets. He is a software engineer in the profession I love to observe blogs and financial markets.
3 Micheal : I am convinced that cryptocurrencies will give power to publish in that battle against corruption and inefficiency. From the dawn of the scientific revolution, decentralization disappoints at least bureaucracy infringement of the authorities that has hindered progress. Apart from cryptography, my interest, in general, especially on intelligent neurological substrates, centered on medicine.

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