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NewsBTC Coinarch Review

NewsBTC Coinarch Review

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Coinarch is a new platform that offers a range of new and innovative trading facilities and solutions for users looking to trade bitcoin. Of the platforms we have reviewed here at NewsBTC, we generally only find the option to buy and sell bitcoin. This company – and its platform – however, operating much more of a similar fashion to traditional foreign-exchange and binary options brokerages; more on this a little later.


Coinarch was founded in late 2013 by Mark Hergott and Justin Tang. The two entrepreneurs spotted a gap in the market for a platform such as that offered by the company, and designed its offerings to fill this gap. The platform has since grown to become one of the industry-leading bitcoin trading platforms available – with a growing user base and an ever expanding reach in the digital currency space.

Founders Bio’s (taken from www.coinarch.com)

Mark Hergott

Mark is a Co-Founder of Coinarch. He has a diverse background including engineering, management consulting and project management with a recent focus on financial markets having worked as an exotic derivatives trader for investment banks in Hong Kong and Australia for over four years. Mark has a Bachelor of Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Business

Justin Tang

Justin is a Co-Founder of Coinarch. He has over 10 years’ experience in software engineering focusing on complex enterprise and web application architecture and implementation. He is also an avid bitcoin enthusiast and has been investing in bitcoin for a number of years. Justin holds a Masters of Engineering (Res) where he carried out two years of research focusing on Web Service Security.

How it works

As mentioned, Coinarch differs from other trading platforms in that it does not just allow buying and selling of bitcoin. Instead, the company offers a range of tools that allow users to treat bitcoin investment just like traditional asset investing.

Through the Coinarch Maximiser tool, users can earn a high rate of interest on bitcoin link deposits. From initial investment periods as short as 14 days, a user can earn rates of up to 50% interest per year (or even higher) allowing maximum returns even in range trading markets.
Through the Coinarch Booster tool, a user can leveraged their bitcoin investment by up to 8 times. This allows for an increased rate of return compared to what would be achievable on other platforms without the use of leveraged. An automatic stoploss feature means that even through the use of leveraged, users of the company’s platform can never lose more than their initial investment – whichever way the market goes.
Finally, the company allows users to go both long and short bitcoin. This is similar in concept to many Forex brokerages, and sets Coinarch apart from its competitors in that it allows clients to profit from both rising and falling markets.

Security Features

The company employs a range of security features to ensure security of funds. Through a combination of two factor authentication, encrypted communication, industry-standard data protection technology and a proprietary cold storage system, it claims bitcoin’s are safe and secure.


From an initial investigation, it may look as if Coinarch is just another bitcoin trading platform. However, this is not the case when investigated further. Far more comparable to a traditional Forex brokerage, the company offers clients a much wider range of opportunities to profit from movement in the bitcoin market than do its competitors. We recommend this platform to any potential bitcoin traders looking to speculate and draw profit from digital currency markets.